Selected solo exhibits

2017 Hypnotic Charisma Fault Line Projects Gallery, Ganges BC

2016 After the Affair Amelia Douglas Gallery, New Westminster, BC.

2014 . Easter Art Exhibit, Mahon Hall, Ganges BC

2012      Crawling Woman featuring Collaboration DVOT # 3,Campbell River Art Gallery, BC

2012      Family History, Duthie Gallery, Saltspring Is. BC

2010      Starfish Gallery, Saltspring Is. BC

2008      Winchester Galleries, Victoria BC

2007      Arrangements, Point Gallery, Saltspring Is., BC

2006      Image Poems, Saltspring Woodworks Gallery, Saltspring Is., BC

2005      Zorba, Saltspring Woodworks Gallery, Saltspring Is., BC

2004      Subeez, Vancouver, BC

2000      Family Affairs and Other Trends - SSI Gallery of Fine Arts, Saltspring Is., BC

1999      Bilder auf Holz, Galerie Melnikof, Heidelberg, Germany

1998      Assembly for Reconciliation, Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo, BC

1992      Sylvia and Others - Vortex Gallery, Saltspring Is., BC

1991      Giving My Father a House, Vortex Gallery, Saltspring Is., BC

1988      Gallery III - Auckland, N.Z.

1986      Of Temples and Greenhouses, MacPherson Gallery, University of Victoria, BC

Selected group shows

2019 Paeonie, Lorsch, Germany

2015      DVOT collaboration phase 3 with TRIPOD, Victoria BC

2015      You and me, Point Gallery Saltspring Island

2014      SomoS Galerie , Berlin Germany

2013      Kunstraum Tapir, Berlin Germany   

2011  Collaboration with Robbyn Scott, Seward Park, Manhatten NYC

2009/10      Movement collaborative project with Robbyn Scott-DVOT, Victoria BC

2008/9/10      Installations in Ganges Forest Sculpture Walk, Saltspring Is.

2007      Blackfish Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2007      Salvaged, Artspring Gallery, Saltspring Is., BC

2006      Women artists study and video, Connie Morey,University of Victoria, BC

2006      Denz and Kimura, Gallery 110, Seattle, WA

2005      Break age, North Vancouver Arts council Gallery, North Vancouver, BC

2003      Summer show, Fran Willis Gallery of Contemporary Art, Victoria BC

2002      Recycled Art, North Vancouver Arts Council Gallery, North Vancouver, BC

2001      Swimming with Jim, Larsen Gallery, Vancouver, BC

2001      Artropolis, CBC building, Vancouver, BC

1998      Stoyko/Denz, Comox Valley Art Gallery, Courtenay, BC

1996      Erotic Show, Mahon Hall, Saltspring Is., BC

1995      Five Women Painters, Saltspring Is., BC

1992      Oppel/Denz, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC

1989      Gallery Artists, Star Art Gallery, Auckland, N.Z.

1986      Spiral Procedures- a collaboration involving music, dance, and painting, Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC

Education & Awards

2019 Vancouver Art Therapy Institute

2014 Residency Berlin, Transart Institute

2013 Takt Residency, Berlin, Germany

2010 SSAC Arts Council Project Grant

2009/10 BC Arts Council Collaboration Grant

2003 Canada Council Project Grant

1999 Canada Council Travel Grant

1995 Award of Merit, Look 95, Victoria BC

1991 Award of Excellence, Images and Objects.Kamloops, BC

1989 MFA University of Auckland, NZ on full Commonwealth Scholarship

1985 . BFA University of Victoira, Victoria BC


2009      Preview Magazine, summer edition, Vancouver - Hastings house Sculpure walk.

2008      Aqua Quarterly Magazine, summer, article, Andrea Rabinovitch, Saltspring Is.

2006   Film, Women and art practice, Connie Morey, Victoria BC

2001 Artropolis, Vancouver, BC

1999      Rhein Neckar Zeitung, review, von Heid Seele, Mannheim

1997      Valley Voice, review, Donna Matila, Courtenay, BC

1995      Artichoke, article, Ben Goodman, Vancouver BC

1987      Auckland Star, review, Tom Burnett, Auckland NZ

Teaching experience and artist talks

2013      Tapir KunstRaum

2012      North Island College

2012      Cambell River Public Art gallery

2012      North Vancouver Public Library

2007-18      Artist in the class program

2009-19      Summer workshops in painting

1998-20019      Drawing classes

1998      Nanaimo Art Gallery

Other art related activities

2016-2019 Volunteer at art Jam drop in for marginalized people.

2015-2019 Founding committee For Artist in Residence Saltspring Art Council.

2009-2014      Board Member and president of the Saltspring Arts Council

2013       Performer in Robbyn Scott dance group; Take to the air, Artspring Theater Saltpring Is.

20011&12       Organizer of educational artist talks at Signature Art Week, Saltspring Is. 

2005       Participant in Connie Morey documentary film on women artists.