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Commissions and Portraiture

I encourage commissions to be a collaborative process in any medium or subject. Generally I have as many viewings as is needed by the client to this end. I have however outlined what to expect in the case of portraiture which can have more specific expectations.

Portrait process

We begin with an initial discussion of your ideas and expectations and how we can best make them happen. Any particular places, people or other special memories can be part of composition. Then there is one or more sittings depending on need and method. Any photos I take are for portrait use only. After the sittings I present a composition, and with your approval I start the painting.                                

Once the composition is established you have a second viewing. If satisfied the second payment is made. I continue til the work is done. More interim viewings can be made for the collaborative process. Final payment instalment is made when the work is completed.

Prices                                                         Oil - oil- approx. 3$ per square inch, price going down with size. For example. 16''x24'-1100, 20''x27''-1600 24''x30''-2200              

Pastel -approx. 2$per square inch,            15'' x20'' 600, 22''x30” -110

1. Down payment 30% 2. First viewing after composition has been approved 30%, 3. Final viewing, and acceptance. Remaining 40%

Cash, e-transfer, master card or visa accepted. 

The artist retains copyright of artwork.

The artist has the right to terminate relationship at any point. All money will be returned, and portrait remains with the artist.